Welcome to Dance Well Physical Therapy.

Specialized therapy for dancers and dance-specific injuries

Dance Well Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality and customized physical therapy to dancers in the Northern Utah region


Our mission is simple: to prevent injury and to provide dancers with the tools to improve movement awareness and develop stronger technique. This is achieved by providing dancers with individualized therapeutic treatment from a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is also a dancer and dancer educator. To further improve technique, Dance Well PT offers wellness sessions that consist of 1-on-1 interaction with the dancer and therapist focused on strengthening and conditioning. In addition, Dance Well PT offers interactive in-studio lectures aimed to familiarize dancers with general anatomy and body mechanics.

Dance Well PT recognizes that dancers are always on the go, between school, the studio, rehearsals, performances and touring, leaving little time to seek medical care. This is why all of our services are mobile, bringing the therapy to your home or studio! 


Ultimately, we advocate for an active recovery and aim to return dancers to doing what they love as soon as possible! 

Stretches I recommend between or after class(es) to alleviate soreness after a hard day of dancing!

Long day at the studio? Here are some of my snacks that have fueled me through endless nights of rehearsal.

Some of the things I always keep in my dance bag, including my favorite leotard and pointe shoes!

Latest research I've found in Dance Medicine, safe dance technique, auditioning tips, and really anything else!

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