Physical Therapy

Mobile physical therapy sessions (at your home or studio) that may include: 

  • One-on-one, individualized treatment sessions

  • Evaluation and treatment of dance and non dance related injuries

  • Technique assessment to better identify source of injury and pain


Physical therapy is private pay only, no insurance accepted. Contact Samantha for pricing. 

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Dancer Wellness

Our dance wellness sessions may include: 

  • Technique assessment to determine areas of weakness

  • Strength and conditioning to improve technique 

  • Pointe Readiness Assessments

  • Wellness counseling

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Studio Education

Some of the different courses we offer include: 

  • Free Initial In Studio Lecture: Overview of common dance injuries

  • The Core: Where It All Begins

  • Hypermobility and Dance

  • Turnout: Where Does It Come From? 

  • The Sacroiliac Joint and Stabilization Exercises

  • Paradoxical Breathing and the Dancer

  • Custom lectures available to target your dancers and studio!

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