"Two years ago I took a trip to NYC during a vacation. I'm currently a professional dancer with Repertory Dance Theatre but dancing in NYC seemed like a great way to stay in shape while off contract. While being there for a few days I was dancing and felt a pop in my knee that I couldn't explain which quickly took my trip down a different turn. Once I returned to Salt Lake City that knee pop became a bruise and was completely swollen. I was then directed to Samantha and was happy to know that she went to college for dance which made her the best physical therapist for my injury. With having a show coming up in a few months Samantha was able to not only help speed up the healing process but teach me how to listen to my body so another injury like this wouldn't occur. After this injury I had a small back spasm that wasn't as serious but I immediately contacted Samantha and was given exercises and directions to strengthen my back. I've been so lucky to have had Samantha get me back to dancing stronger and smarter in the studio and on stage. With her past as being a dancer it only made sense why she knew exactly what my body needed for recovery."  - Justin, Professional dancer with Repertory Dance Theatre.

"I work as a professional dancer, meaning I am active 9-4, 5 days a week. I also work as a server, which has me on my feet an additional 30 hours a week. I try my best to take care of my body but after all, I only have so many hours a day. My body takes a toll and it also needs help. I met Samantha a few years back, ever since she has helped me maintain physical well-being. I've had moments in my career where the pain to do remidial daily activities was more painful than falling off a moving car. In some instances I was able to contact her in emergency mode and she was able to help me immediately, thus enabling my ability to do both my jobs. Samantha is phenomenal at helping identify the problem and a great listener, which makes you feel that you're making the right choice. As a person, she is an open and generous human being. You can tell that's the case the minute you meet her." - EfrenProfessional dancer with Repertory Dance Theatre.